Ellen Harmon White

Teenager Ellen Harmon doesn’t let her young age or physical frailty dampen her enthusiasm for the Advent work. After her local Methodist Church disfellowships Ellen and her family for their Millerite beliefs, her conviction of Christ’s soon return only deepens.

The Great Disappointment of October 22, 1844 deals a devastating blow to Ellen and fellow believers, but she joins the effort to return to the Scriptures and understand truth.

Ellen begins to see visions from God as her role in the earlyAdventist movement expands. Her first vision is seeing God’s people walking a narrow path high above the Earth which leads to heaven. Their path is lit by the Millerite «Midnight Cry,» which is now behind them.

Ellen falls in love and marries former teacher James White and join forces to spread the message through travel, preaching and a growing publishing effort.

Ellen suffers the agonizing loss of two of her four sons. She battles her own physical ailments, cares for her weakening husband and begins to receive messages from God regarding the importance of health.

The Adventist Health Message spurs the growing movement to build the Western Health Reform Institute.

As the early Adventists continue to grow in number, God speaks through Ellen who pushes for work in Christian education, as well as spreading the news of Christ’s soon Second Coming around the world through missions.